Gallows Hill Museum/TheatreSalem, MA, United States

Gallows Hill Main Show 2017

By Gallows Hill (other events)

Sun, Oct 1 2017 10:15 AM Tue, Oct 31 2017 4:15 PM

Our Gallows Hill Main Show runs daily, every thirty minutes! With this open ended ticket, you can see The Witchcraft & Ghost Experience anytime from 10:45 am until 4:15pm. Keep in mind that this is NOT a timed ticket. Ticket holders will wait in line for the next available show in our PRE-SOLD ticket line. Wait times vary, especially on Saturdays and Sundays.  Weekends are busy, so plan ahead to give yourself time. We have entertainment on weekends outside to pass the time away quickly!

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There are no refunds for this event.  The Gallows hill Main Show daytime ticket is valid from 10:45 am until 4:15pm.This is NOT a timed ticket. Ticket holders will wait in PRE-SOLD ticket line for the next available show. Ticket does not guarantee a specific show time.  SHOW RUNS EVERY 30 MINUTES.       Ticket may be used from Oct. 1st through Oct. 31st.